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Begins Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Since the beginning of recorded time, cultures across the globe have predicted the end of our world. As global unrest and natural disasters across the planet build in intensity and frequency, many are left wondering if the time is near. Join Shawn Boonstra from the Voice of Prophecy as he explores the myths and facts that surround the Appearing—an event mentioned over 2,500 times in the Bible.

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Your Speakers

Shawn Boonstra

Shawn Boonstra is the speaker for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry. His clear grasp of Scripture and keen understanding of current events will give you peace of mind in a troubled world, and his warm, dynamic presentations will inspire you. Shawn has shared the gospel on six continents to hundreds of thousands of individuals over the last two decades. Pastor Boonstra will be presenting his portion of each session by video.

Marcus Newton and Diego Boquer

Elder Marcus Newton works with Pastors, congregations, and lay people to help spread the Gospel message in the local Baltimore area. Whether through social, broadcast, print media, and face-to-face interaction, Marcus strives to live the message of Jesus’ soon return to every person he connects with. Currently a recurring guest on the Hope Channel, Marcus knows how to lead others through study of the Word, helping them analyse and understand what they’ve read. As a Healthcare Finance Professional by trade, Marcus uses his time, talents, and money to further the Gospel cause. It’s all about connecting with people, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and using the resources God has given you in order to lead others to the Kingdom one person at a time.

What People are Saying…

“Pastor Boonstra presented the material in an interesting and informative way. This has given me a deeper appreciation for the Bible, and its prophecies for my future!” —Maxwell
“The videos were very good, and the Bible study afterwards was clear and easy to understand. The people hosting the event were very friendly and helpful!” —Merry
“Shawn Boonstra’s passion for this topic truly comes through. The videos presented information in an incredibly beautiful and personal manner. And the discussions afterward were outstanding!” —Kathleen

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019
at 7:00 pm

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